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Golf League FAQ

We support individual player leagues that want to track golf handicaps and/or golf skins. We also support dividing your golf league up into an unlimited number of flights.
Yes. You can play a different course each week.
We offer a custom handicap system. You can change the number of rounds played before starting to calculate a handicap and whether or not to adjust scores using Equitable Stroke Control.
Yes. We support golf skins and you can even divide skin winners based on flights.
Yes. This is the only adjustment allowed to the Handicap system. You can tell the system how many rounds before starting to calculate Handicaps. The default is five rounds.
Yes. When a league is private, this means it will not be viewable to anyone until they log into the website.
No. You do not need a players email before adding them to the system. If they ever wanted to log into the website, they will need to provide an email address.
Yes. There are four different security levels. For example, a Commissioner can give access to another player to allow them to only enter scores.
No. The system is only available over the internet.
Yes. This is a great option. In case there is a player who has not yet committed to the league, you can keep track of their scores in case they change their minds in the future.
Yes. You can enter temporary scores in case you don`t have all scorecards from all players. When you are ready to display the latest results, just click the `Publish` checkbox in the scorecard entry screen.
Yes. You can individually set players to receive weekly emails letting them know that the latest league results are available on the website.
If players choose to keep track of personal statistics they will have eight to choose from. These include fairways hit, greens hit, putting and many more fun stats.
One of two ways. First, the commissioner can add a player manually to the system. Second, from the login screen, a player can request an invitation to join the league. Using this second option, the commissioner will get an email and then decide whether or not to automatically add the player to the system.
Yes. Your golf league can play 9 holes one week and 18 holes another week. The system will simultaneously keep track of 9 and 18 hole handicaps during the same season.
Yes. You can manually add as many courses and tee boxes as you need.
Yes. A download link can be found in a players Personal Stats screen and only available when they are logged into the system.