Congratulations! You're Just A Few Steps Away

You need to login before you can start your initial setup.

Step 1: You Need To Create A Season
Create a season for your league by adding a start and end date. This can be found in 'Admin -> Seasons' in the main menu.

Step 2: Add A Golf Course
Add a course or courses you will play. This can be found in 'Admin -> Courses -> Add' in the main menu. You can always add new courses whenever you want.

Step 3: Set-up League Defaults
League Defaults will give you options to change your league name that appears at the top of each screen. You can also set up a default course that you play every week. The League Defaults screen gives you many different settings for you to change. This can be found in 'Admin -> Defaults'

4: Add Players
You can add players by going to 'Admin -> Players -> Add Players' in the main menu. This is where you can manually add a player to your league. You only need their first and last name in order to add them to the league. You can also have players ask for an invitation to join the league by asking them to go to your league login screen and follow the instructions for requesting an invitation to join your league.

Step 5 : Profile
In the main menu select 'Profile' and this is where you set up the personal golf statistics you want to track. There are 8 different statistics for you to choose from. You can also upload a profile image and change your username and password.

That's it! After this, you will be ready to add scores and start having fun. Enjoy!