Knowledge Base

You need to login before you can start your initial setup.

Step 1: You Need To Create A Season
Create a season for your league by adding a start and end date. This can be found in 'Admin -> Seasons' in the main menu.

Step 2: Add A Golf Course
Add a course or courses you will play. This can be found in 'Admin -> Courses -> Add' in the main menu. You can always add new courses whenever you want.

Step 3: Set-up League Defaults
League Defaults will give you options to change your league name that appears at the top of each screen. You can also set up a default course that you play every week. The League Defaults screen gives you many different settings for you to change. This can be found in 'Admin -> Defaults'

4: Add Players
You can add players by going to 'Admin -> Players -> Add Players' in the main menu. This is where you can manually add a player to your league. You only need their first and last name in order to add them to the league. You can also have players ask for an invitation to join the league by asking them to go to your league login screen and follow the instructions after clicking 'Join This Leauge' link.

Step 5 : Profile
In the main menu select 'Profile' and this is where you set up the personal golf statistics you want to track. There are 8 different statistics for you to choose from. You can also upload a profile image and change your username and password.

That's it! After this, you will be ready to add scores and start having fun. Enjoy!

What Type Of Golf Leagues do you support?

We support individual player leagues that want to track handicaps and/or skins. We also support dividing your league up into an unlimited number of flights. We also support a personal golf stats league where an individual can keep track of their scorecards and stats on their own personal website.

How Can League Members Get Website Access For The First Time?

Click 'Login' in the top right hand corner and you will be sent to the 'Login' screen. Click the link that says 'Join This League' and fill in the form. The League Administrator will receive an email with your request and once they approve, you will receive an email with instructions to create a password and get private access to the League Website. For all future visits you will use your email address as your username and password you created to gain access to the website.

Our League plays multiple courses. Do you support that?

Yes. You can play a different course each week.

Does your league support skins?

Yes. You can even divide skin winners based on flights.

Can I set the number of rounds to be played before skins are calculated?

Yes. You can adjust this in the Defaults screen.

Do you require an email address for each player added to the League?

No. You do not need a players email before adding them to the system. If they ever wanted to log into the website, they will need to provide an email address.

Can I give different security access levels to players?

Yes. There are four different security levels. For example, a Commissioner can give access to another player to allow them to only enter scores.

Can I save scores for a player who has not yet committed to joining the league yet?

Yes. This is a great option. In case there is a player who has not yet committed to the league, you can keep track of their scores in case they change their minds in the future.

Can I save scores but not have them published to the home screen?

Yes. You can enter temporary scores in case you don`t have all scorecards from all players. When you are ready to display the latest results, just click the `Publish` checkbox in the scorecard entry screen.

Do you have an automated email system to contact league members?

Yes. You can individually set players to receive weekly emails letting them know that the latest league results are available on the website.

How many players are allowed per league?

There is no limit.

What type of Handicap system do you use?

We offer a custom handicap system. You can change the number of rounds played before starting to calculate a handicap and whether or not to adjust scores using Equitable Stroke Control.

Do you accommodate practice rounds before Handicaps are officially calculated?

Yes. You can tell the system how many rounds before starting to calculate Handicaps. The default is five rounds.

Do you support Private leagues?

Yes. When a league is private, this means it will not be viewable to anyone until they log into the website. Personal golf stat leagues are private by default.

Is there an off-line version of the software?

No. The system is only available over the internet.

What type of statistics can players keep track of?

If players choose to keep track of personal statistics they will have eight to choose from. These include fairways hit, greens hit, putting and many more fun stats.

Does the system handle 9 and 18 hole leagues?

Yes. You can play 9 holes one week and 18 holes another week. The system will simultaneously keep track of 9 and 18 hole handicaps during the same season.

Can I add multiple tee boxes for a course?

Yes. You can manually add as many courses and tee boxes as you need.

Do you allow downloading of a players scorecard history to a spreadsheet?

Yes. A download link can be found in a players Personal Stats screen and only available when they are logged into the system.

Can I Add A Profile Image?

Yes. Go to 'Profile' in the main menu and you can download a profile image.

Are There Any Privacy Options?

Yes. For now there are two privacy options. First, you can choose to hide your personl golf stats in your Personal Stats screen. Second, you can choose to not show your personal golf stats in the League Stats screen.

Can I Update My Username And Password?

Yes. Go to 'Profile' in the main menu and go to section 'Change Login Credentials'.

How is my Handicap calculated?

  1. Calculate Differential: (Adjusted Gross Score - Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating [rounded to nearest tenth]
  2. Calculate Handicap Index: Multiply the Differential by 1.00 and drop all the digits after the tenths (do not round off)
  3. Get an average of the differentials used by adding them together and dividing by the number used (The average is the handicap)

When to Calculate Handicap?

RoundsDifferentials Used
3-61 lowest
7-82 lowest
9-103 lowest
11-124 lowest
13-145 lowest
15-166 lowest
177 lowest
188 lowest
199 lowest
2010 lowest

What is Adjusted Gross Score?

The game of golf is based on the premise that a player will play as well as the player can play. Under most handicap systems, each player is required to record a hole score for a hole not finished, not played, or not played under "The Rules of Golf," and to reduce any hole score when it is higher than the maximum number allowed under Equitable Stroke Control.

9 Hole Equitable Stroke Control
HandicapMax Score Per Hole
4.99 or lessD. Bogey
5 - 9.997
10 - 14.998
15 - 19.999
20 or more10
18 Hole Equitable Stroke Control
HandicapMax Score Per Hole
9.99 or lessD. Bogey
10 - 19.997
20 - 29.998
30 - 39.999
40 or more10